Mapping Data Security

The internet provides a multimedia experience. It’s technical. With that obvious point out of the way, I’m a digital public relations worker. Data security is a concern of mine though not just professionally. As we’ve seen with recent hacking scandals the topic of data security is a big one. More than that my clients have pressing intellectual property concerns. Governments …

PhotonicPRMapping Data Security

Business Model Generation Canvas Trainer

Business Model Canvas Trainer This is not the first post about the business model canvas generation method. Having said that,  I’m taking a masterclass in business model canvas training this coming December. I’m looking forward to it. This post serves to refresh my own memory about the value of this method, and it should be an enjoyable means of showing you …

PhotonicPRBusiness Model Generation Canvas Trainer
the search engine

Business Intelligence – Search Engines

What Drives Business Intelligence ? Content marketing and digital storytelling make up a large part of business intelligence in today’s market. The question here is this: what should every business owner in today’s market be aware of when it comes to business intelligence? The answer: Search Engines  The search engine provides one of the most comprehensive business intelligence metaphors today. If you want something, …

Avi LambertBusiness Intelligence – Search Engines

Content Curation

Content Marketing You know the story you want to tell, what your audience appreciates, and have a good business model in place. In order to discover new leads you want to get visitors and customers as soon as possible, right? Content marketing is the most successful metaphor for the reliable co-ordination of community management and interaction. But of course, you know …

Avi LambertContent Curation
public relations

Thought leadership and branding

Storytelling through Big Data, viz Brand Thought Leadership Content marketing is not the only communications tactic people can use to build credibility and reputation. Since the growth of Google and the many other players in social stratosphere, producing content that can be shared and listed with author, date and time is good for three reasons. It helps connect you with …

Avi LambertThought leadership and branding

Social Marketing Automation

Inbound or Outbound Social Surrounds Posts aren’t usually written that try to pin down buzzwords. But there it is. That’s what this post is about. The necessity of writing this post came from an experience tonight, organized by the Victoria chapter of the Canadian Public Relations Society. I was a speed mentor at an event for Non-Profits hosted by the …

Avi LambertSocial Marketing Automation
Avi Lambert Consulting

Semantic and Programmatic Web – the Flipside of Content Marketing

Moving Beyond the Buzzword Let’s look more closely at content marketing. Is there a flip side of the coin where effective content marketing is concerned that needs to be addressed for digital marketers and chief marketing officers? We believe so, because of this: The flip side of content marketing is the semantic and programmatic web. Here are two good descriptions …

Avi LambertSemantic and Programmatic Web – the Flipside of Content Marketing

Why Mobile?

On both the retailer and customer side of the equation, mobile is increasing in importance. The issue of the most recent PRSA magazine The Strategist explores this point much better than this post. But why mobile? I think the answer will become obvious, at the least to anyone who wants to know how to build on the platform where customers and …

Avi LambertWhy Mobile?
Affinity News Cycle

The Affinity News Cycle

News Cycle Disruption After recently watching a Google Display / Think with Google webinar about Affinity Segments I began to think about how search engine marketing illustrates a different kind of news cycle. Webinars are becoming more and more popular as a type of content marketing, especially for businesses seeking to broadcast the benefit of leveraging their cloud services. But …

Avi LambertThe Affinity News Cycle